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My first corset
I've been hovering around the journal, checking out all the beautiful projects, and finally have some decent pictures of my very first corset to share.


I used a busk in the front, flat bones in the back, and spiral boning everywhere else. I'm not a huge fan of bias binding around the edges, so I tried a different method. I applied bias binding by hand to cover the raw edges. The layers are brocade on the outside, coutil inside, and charmeuse for the lining.

I made the pattern myself, so there are a few changes that obviously had to be made: I need a little more room in the hip (or to lose a couple of pounds), and definately more room at the back from the rib cage up (I am SO barrel-chested). Plus, it needs to be laced through the middle. But for my first effort, I'm very pleased!


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